Merchants Grievance Policy

  • Grievance Redressal Policy/Mechanism

    1. If a Merchant has a grievance in relation to a transaction processed through the MCCIA, then the Merchant may file a complaint through Grievance Redressal Mechanism established by MCCIA.

      Upon receipt of such complaint, MCCIA shall endeavor to respond to the complaint within 24 hours of receipt of the grievance (excluding MCCIA holidays) mentioned in Grievance Redressal policy.

      Escalation mechanism:

      First level compliant–Grievance Officer:

      Escalation 1-Nodal Officer if response is not received within the time specified in the Grievance Redressal policy

    2. Merchants shall be fully responsible for handling and resolving any complaints or grievance of customer relating to the products and/or services of the Merchant and MCCIA under any circumstances shall not be liable or responsible for the same. MCCIA will not be liable for any issues relating to any product or delivery of commercial nature.