Agriculture Export Facilitation Centre

Who Are We?

Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture is a premier chamber operating in the Western Maharashtra region with headquarters at Pune. Taking the initiative to facilitate agro-processing and agro-export promotion has been one of its chosen focus. MCCIA has decided to start an Agriculture Export Facilitation Centre. This centre shall work as a 'one-stop-shop' for exporters' guidance and all information required to Export Agri-Food Products from the state.

Our Mission

  1. To be a knowledge centre and disseminate need-based information to all concerned, to guide, accelerate the export and processing activities in the state.
  2. To provide instant service and guidance required by exporters and exporting farmers.
  3. To organize need-based training courses in different export-related issues.

Functioning of AEFC

How Will It Help MCCIA Members and Non Members?

Advisory and Expert Guidance on Following Topics.

  1. How to be Agriculture Exporter.
  2. Agri. export status and opportunities
  3. Export procedure & documentation
  4. Traceability
  5. Export Terminologies, Incoterms
  6. Branding and Marketing
  7. Agro-Processing
  8. Minimum Residue Level (MRL)
  9. Orchard Management
  10. Government schemes for export promotion
  1. Role of Agri Export
  2. Role of Agri Export
  3. Role of APEDA in Agri Export
  4. Role of CHA in Agri Export
  5. Necessary of Inland Container Depot in Agri- Export
  6. ISPM 15 Measures
  7. Packhouse & Special Export Treatments
  8. Country-wise Protocols and Quality Parameters
  9. Advance Export Certifications

Fee Structure

Activity Media Charges (Rs.)
  Email 100
  In- Person 800
  Telecall 200

Fees payable as applcable

*Charges applicable for mail and telecall consultation will be query based.

*18% GST applicable on consultation charges

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