Corporate Legislation

Chair Person

Mr. Suhas Tuljapurkar, Partner Legasis Partners and Founder Director Legasis Services

Officer Incharge

Ms. Geeta Hosmane


The Committee has been in existence since over a decade and has been instrumental in regular updates for its membership in corporate legislation through its various initiatives.

Functions / Activities:

  • To  inform and make the members aware about the latest amendments to the various law and regulations in the country.
  • To highlight the latest legal updates in the form of new enactments, rules, guidelines, amendments, circulars, notifications etc. along with a detailed explanation on the applicability of such updates to members.
  • To arrange or conduct seminars, workshops, presentations, discussions etc. on various laws, regulations and their amendments.
  • To assist members  in relation to the legal affairs of their organization.
  • To provide assistance to the chamber in its legal matters.