Interesting Snippets from MCCIA's Glorious History

  1. One of the conditions, which Prof. W.G. Kale had made binding on all the founders of the Chamber was that, they would not accept the Executive President's post, unless they were able to get a minimum of 20 members, who agreed to pay an annual subscription of Rs 25/- for 5 years. Executive Committee President, Dhondumama Sathe, first Vice President, Shri N.G. Pawar, Shri R.N. Abhyankar, Shri S.M. Joshi, first Treasurer, Shri D.G. Bapat, Shri D.D. Chitale were among the first 20 members of Mahratta Chamber.

  2. The trio of stalwarts, Shri G.D. Apte, Shri D.V. Potdar and Shri A.R. Bhat were the dynamos at Mahratta Chamber in the first 25 years. Eminent economist, Prof. D.G. Gadgil was also actively involved in the Chamber's activities. Towering personalities of the era, like Shri N.C. Kelkar and Shri J.S. Karandikar were also associated with Mahratta Chamber.

  3. For the first 12 years, the Chamber's secretariat / office operated in the premises of the 'Kesari' newspaper. Thereafter the office shifted to the New Kitab Mahal building on Laxmi Road, which belonged to Shri G.D. Apte. On 15t h August, 1947, the day India gained Independence, Mahratta Chamber shifted to its own office building on Tilak Road.

  4. Mahratta Chamber's Annual Membership Fees in 1947

    Individuals Rs 12/-
    Shops, establishments and group organizations Rs 18/-
    Limited Companies with Annual Turnover below Rs 15 lakhs Rs 25/-
    Limited Companies with Annual Turnover above Rs 15 lakhs Rs 100/-
    For companies with higher turnover Rs 5/- per lakh

  5. Since 1947, Mahratta Chamber had been actively lobbying for the commissioning of the Koyna dam and hydro-electric power project to enhance power generation across Maharashtra. Finally, work on the project commenced on 16th January 1954 with a ceremonial launch by erstwhile Chief Minister of Mumbai state, Shri Morarji Desai.

  6. In 1977-78, Mahratta Chamber started an audio-visual wing, which offered high quality studio recording facilities to members. The studio has witnessed recordings by some of the most well-known artistes, singers, musicians, actors and composers. India's nightingale Lata Mangeshkar also paid a visit to MCCIA's studio.