About Us

MCCIA is one of the few Chambers of Commerce established before independence at a time when industrial activity was yet to take off. MCCIA has been playing a significant role in accelerating the industrial and economic development of Pune region for more than eight decades now. It is a Chamber of the Entrepreneurs and by the Entrepreneurs. It has been responsive to changing times, needs and requirements of the Entrepreneurs. It is one of the most active chambers of Commerce in India and has been instrumental in promoting number of institutions in Pune. MCCIA has continuously driven to make Pune a global business destination and has been a catalyst for economic development of the region. MCCIA embodies Pune’s entrepreneurial spirit. It is instrumental in giving strategic suggestions and advocating Industrial Policies.

It is this foresight, fierce commitment to Pune's industrial growth and solutions oriented approach that has been the hallmark of MCCIA through its 84 years of existence. MCCIA's genesis lay in the recognition by visionaries like A.R. Bhat, W.G. Kale, Dhananjayrao Gadgil, N.C. Kelkar, J.S. Karandikar, Dhondumama Sathe, Rambhau Abyankar, Shreedharpant Apte, B.V. Gharpure that Maharashtra's progress depended on the growth of business and industry. This group of remarkable individuals came together and established Mahratta Chamber of Commerce and Industries (MCCI) on 16 th March 1934 . The driving spirit of this initiative was Late Shri A.R. Bhat, propelled by the desire to see many more Marathi people engaged in business, trade and industry. Mr. Bhat was a journalist and an economist and was the General Manager of the famous Marathi newspaper 'Kesari'. Thus the first office of the MCCI was established in 'Kesari' premises.

In 1947 the Chamber moved to their own premises on Tilak Road, Pune. In 1998 agricultural activities were also included in the scope of the Chamber's activities and MCCI became MCCIA. In July 2006 most of the offices shifted to the modern office at the MCCIA Trade Tower on Senapati Bapat Road, Pune.

Functioning of the Chamber

The Chamber renders services to the industry through committees consisting of reputed experts, professionals and entrepreneurs through strategic planning, sending memorandum to Government on policies and regulations and organizing educative events and symposiums for members. It is a member centric organization. The National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET) accredited MCCIA with a Diamond Rating.


  • We at MCCIA aim to transform lives and establish an eco- friendly, bio-diverse environment that will nurture and propel towards creation of infrastructure and education while emerging as the nucleus of technical and industrial research, development and growth model of the country.
  • We will strive to encourage preservation of heritage, energize lives, inspire progress, optimize resources and implement ethical practices towards a sustainable growth paving the way towards a future of astounding business possibilities.


  • To facilitate industrial growth while balancing socio-economic environment.
  • To develop futuristic, eco-friendly and culture centric experience for people.
  • Energize lives through natural and human resources optimization and utilization.
  • To promote research, development and production in the field of science and technology.
  • To ensure the finest infrastructural development and facilities with a futuristic edge.
  • To work towards a harmonized milieu for all cultures, ethos and social tolerance.


In the aftermath of the devastating Panshet floods, MCCIA played a significant role in helping Pune's business, trade and industry get back on its feet. Indeed, MCCIA has contributed a great deal in making Pune one of India's leading industrial hubs and an important epicentre of the country's automobile and IT sectors. Here's a glimpse at the organization which was instrumental in tapping Pune's potential for enterprise and innovation

July 12, 1961 is a date forever etched in the memory of every Pune citizen. Following heavy rains, the Panshet and Khadakwasla dams were breached and the roaring flood waters wreaked havoc in the city. Alongside the tragic loss of human lives, and the destruction of houses, shops and property on an unprecedented scale, several factories and industrial workshops along the river bank were deluged, suffering crippling losses and damages.

At this difficult juncture, one organization took the unique initiative of collecting donations with the objective of funding business and industrial re-construction activity in Pune. The idea was to use the donation amount collected as a collateral to the banks for providing loans, almost about 5 times the collateral amount, to business and industrial units in Pune affected by the floods.

Perhaps MCCIA can therefore rightfully claim credit for successfully conceptualizing and implementing the first mutual credit guarantee scheme in the world, way back in 1961, almost 5 decades before the rest of the world started deploying it. Under this innovative credit guarantee scheme, bank loans amounting to Rs 58 lakhs were made available to flood affected Pune businesses and industries, which provided them the much needed financial assistance to put their outfits back on track. In fact, the bulk of these loans were extended by Bank of Maharashtra, which again was established by MCCIA itself in 1935.

Year President Milestone
16 Mar 1934 Shri. B C Kamat

Chamber inception at the hands of Shri Shankarrao Gangla, a businessman and member of FICCI Executive Committee

16 Sept 1935 Shri. B C Kamat

Formation of Bank of Maharashtra

1945 Shri. S P Ogale

‘MasikVrutt’ edited by Shri A R Bhat

16 June 1946 Shri. S P Ogale

G S Parkhe Industrial Merit Awards Instituted

15 Aug 1947 Shri. S L Kirloskar

Chamber office begins functioning in independent premises at Tilak Road

1948 Shri. S L Kirloskar

Launch and release of Sampada magazine

24 Apr 1949 Shri. S L Kirloskar

New building of Chamber and construction of ogale hall

1951 Shri. G G Dandekar

Janata Express (Railway) starts operating from Pune to Mumbai

1959 Shri. S L Kirloskar Formation of small scale wing
1959 Shri. S L Kirloskar Permission received for issuance of ‘certificates of origin’
1959 Shri. S L Kirloskar Over-bridge near Pune Engineering college (CoEP)
3 Nov 1959 Shri. S L Kirloskar Formation of Pune Divisional Productivity Council
5,6,7 Mar 1960 Shri. S L Kirloskar Chamber Silver Jubilee (Chief Guest, Shri Manubhai Shah – Union minister of commerce
18 July 1961 Shri. S L Kirloskar Assistance to people affected by the Panshet dam tragedy
1963 Shri. S L Kirloskar Chamber representation for Pune-Nagpur Express Railway results in Kolhapur – Nagpur Express
1967 and 1973 Shri. S L Kirloskar Over-bridges at Chinchwad and Hadapsar
21 Apr 1968 Shri. S L Kirloskar Construction of new additional building
1968 Shri. S L Kirloskar Formation of Ramtekdi Industrial Estate
1968 Shri. S L Kirloskar Completion of Electronic Industrial Estate
1968-69 Shri. S L Kirloskar Mumbai Pune Air service starts operating twice a day
1969-70 Shri. S L Kirloskar Mumbai - Pune -Bangalore Air Service launched
1972 Shri. V N Somvanshi Ramabai Joshi and Harimalini Joshi awards instituted
1972-73 Shri. V N Somvanshi Group Telex Services
1974-75 Shri. V C Jog Formation of CETE
6 May 1978 Shri. C S Kirloskar Inauguration of MCCIA business reference library
21stJan 1981 Shri. N Pittie Laying of foundation stone of MCCIA new office building by Shri S. L.
30 Aug 1982 Shri. Rahulkumar Bajaj Successful representation/ inauguration of Pune Stock Exchange
1983 Shri. Rahulkumar Bajaj Initiation of Pune Delhi Air service
1984 Shri. B R Malhotra Construction / Inauguration of Ogale Hall
4 Jan 1984 Shri. B R Malhotra MCCIA new building inauguration
14 Feb 1984 Shri. B R Malhotra Pune Delhi Air Service begins
4 May 1985 Shri. B R Malhotra MCCIA Golden Jubilee Event (Chief Guest, Vice President of India – Shri
1985 Shri. B R Malhotra Hadapsar Industrial Estate, 130 acres
1985 Shri. B R Malhotra Video recording studio at Tilak Road premises
1984 -1986 Shri. B R Malhotra Formation of Export Wing
1984 -1986 Shri. B R Malhotra Electronic industrial estate
8 August 1985 Shri. B R Malhotra Visit of Shri. J Barot, British Deputy High Commissioner
12 March 1987 Dr. L. J. Rathi Golden Jubilee Year Ceremony in the presence of President of India,
7 Nov 1987 Dr. L. J. Rathi Ahmednagar Branch Office started in MIDC Building
12-13 April 1988 Dr. L. J. Rathi Udyogmitra Meeting - first time in Pune
31 May 1989 Shri. H. K. Firodia Pune-Bremen Solidarity Committee Press Conference
4 June 1989 Shri. H. K. Firodia Pair of peacocks gifted to Bremen city
10 May 1990 Dr. N. A. Kalyani Sampada special issue on Industrial Safety
16 May 1990 Dr. N. A. Kalyani Ahmednagar office Bhumi Pujan by Shri. H. K. Firodia
10 July 1990 Dr. N. A. Kalyani Visit of Hon. Shri C. Subramanyam, Governor of Maharashtra
8 Dec 1990 Dr. N. A. Kalyani Visit of Indo-German Chamber of Commerce Member Delegation
4 May 1991 Dr. N. A. Kalyani First DGTD Camp office
25 April 1992 Dr. N. A. Kalyani Iranian Delegation Visit
3 May 1992 Dr. N. A. Kalyani Inauguration of Ahmednagar office by Hon. Shri. SharadraoPawar, Union Defence Minister
June 1992 Dr. N. A. Kalyani MCCIA Bhosari Office Building plans approved by PCMC
24 Sept 1992 Dr. N. A. Kalyani State level Seminar on Challenges for Small and Medium Scale Industry in Maharashtra
10 Nov 1992 Dr. Darius Forbes Bangladesh Chamber Delegation visit
1 Dec 1992 Dr. Darius Forbes Ukraine Delegation visit
2 to 4 Dec 1992 Dr. Darius Forbes BorFestival (Borand its by-products )
29 Mar 1993 Dr. Darius Forbes Prize distribution – Best Entrepreneurs
1993 Dr. Darius Forbes Started fortnightly journal “Overseas Opportunities”
12 Apr 1993 Dr. Darius Forbes Visit to Agritech Spring 93, Israel and Egypt
21-22 Dec 1993 Dr. Darius Forbes Nepalese Chamber Delegation
22 Dec 1993 Dr. Darius Forbes Bhumi Pujan of Pavana Industrial Estate
1994 Dr. Darius Forbes

MCCIA registered as approved consultants on panel of Maharashtra Energy Development Agency

26 May 1994 Shri. P. P. Chhabria Visit by Shri. Alan Fom and Shri Hemant Shah, Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
17 Feb 1995 Shri. P. P. Chhabria Russian Delegation visit
27 Feb 1995 Shri. P. P. Chhabria Visit of Shri. NikholasFen, British High Commissioner
2 Mar 1995 Shri. P. P. Chhabria Fruit Festival
13 Mar 1995 Shri. P. P. Chhabria Bhosari office Bhumi pujan
28 Mar 1995 Shri. P. P. Chhabria Udyog Sampada - Book release by Shri Madhav Gadkari
14 Aug 1995 Shri. P. P. Chhabria Inauguration of International Business and Research at the hands of Dr. P. C. Alexander, Governor of Maharashtra
1 Dec 1995 Shri. P. P. Chhabria Industrial and Commercial Directory Released
2 May 1996 Dr. R. J. Rathi Meeting with Dr. Manmohan Singh, Finance Minister of India
8 Jun 1996 Dr. R. J. Rathi Inauguration of Pavana Industrial Estate by Hon. Shri. Manohar Joshi, Chief
5 to 24 Sept 1997 Dr. R. J. Rathi Small Industry Management Programme – 97 ( SIMP -97)
24 Jan 1998 Dr. R. J. Rathi MCCIA – Dr. R J Rathi Award Presentation
5 Mar 1998 Dr. R. J. Rathi Visit of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Manohar Joshi
6 May 1998 Shri. Pratap Pawar Meeting with Shri. Peter McCoy, British Deputy High Commissioner
8 May 1998 Shri. Pratap Pawar Meeting with H.E. Dr. Manuel Marcelo, Ambassador for Portugal to India
3 June 1998 Shri. Pratap Pawar Meeting with Shri. Michael Bates, British Deputy High Commissioner
11 June 1998 Shri. Pratap Pawar

Meeting with Shri. Pham Sy Tam, Ambassador for Socialist Republic of Vietnam to India

10 July 1998 Shri. Pratap Pawar Visit of Shri. Gilbert Kerbs, Trade Commissioner for France in Mumbai
18 Aug 1998 Shri. Pratap Pawar Meeting with Shri. Warrick Morris, Head of Trade Promotion, British High Commission
2 Sept 1998 Shri. Pratap Pawar Presentation of Export Excellence Awards
18 Oct 1998 Shri. Pratap Pawar Meeting with Shri. Bertrand, French Trade Commissioner
6 March 1999 Shri. Pratap Pawar Directory of Software Industry in Pune released at the hands of Shri Sharad Pawar
2000 Shri. Pratap Pawar MCCIA ventures into new areas
  • Defence supplies sub-committee
  • Polymer sub-committee
  • Women Entrepreneurs sub-committee
5 – 6 Feb 2000 Shri. Pratap Pawar
  • Agriculture meet
  • Exporter Directory
  • Visit of –Shri. L.K. Advani, Union Home Minister
25-28 July, 2000  

Shri. Arun Firodia MSEB had approached MCCIA for support in manning the EHV and 22 KVA,
substations in Pune region during the strike by MSEB workers union

2000 Shri. Arun Firodia Proposed increase in Octroi rates deferred giving relief to industries in PCMC
1 May 2000 Shri. Arun Firodia Package Scheme of Incentives
16,17 Dec 2000 Shri. Arun Firodia IT and BT Conference
14 Jan 2001 Shri. Arun Firodia The first Gramin information Centre (GIC) inaugurated by Shri. Prataprao Pawar
29 Jan 2001 Shri. Arun Firodia Special emergency meeting for Gujarat Earthquake Relief - MCCIA
8 March 2001 Shri. Arun Firodia State level seminar on Cultivation, Processing and Marketing of Spices
11 July 2001 Shri. Arun Firodia MOU between MCCIA, SETE and GTZ for setting up of CETE
2001 Shri. Arun Firodia CETE Pune office starts operations
2001 Shri. Arun Firodia Sub-contracting Exchange: SCX –MCCIA’s help line for SSIs online
13 July 2001 Shri. Arun Firodia FDI Forum started by MCCIA –Meeting with Shri V. Ranganathan, Chief
29 July 2001 Shri. Arun Firodia

MCCIA receives Entrepreneurs’ International Award for outstanding contribution towards industrial and entrepreneurship development in this region

18 Jan 2002 Shri. Arun Firodia CEO Forum formed –First presentation by Shri. Nandan Nilekani
2003 Shri. Atul Kirloskar Inauguration of NAFARI
27 Jan 2003 Shri. Atul Kirloskar Foundation stone of International Convention Centre laid by Hon’ble Shri
13 June 2004 Shri. Atul Kirloskar ISO 9001- 2000 accreditation for MCCIA

27 February 2004

Shri. Atul Kirloskar MOU between MCCIA and EMEFF (East
Midlands Ethnic Food Forum)

Shri. S.B. (Ravi) Pandit

BPO Forum
2004 Shri. S.B. (Ravi) Pandit Open Learning Program in Entrepreneurship in collaboration with EDI,
2004 Shri. S.B. (Ravi) Pandit A.R. Bhat Birth Centenary celebrations
April 2004 Shri. S.B. (Ravi) Pandit

Auto Cluster Development and Research Institute Ltd. incorporated under the Cluster Development Scheme of GOI , a Special Purpose Vehicle

20-22 January 2005 Shri. S.B. (Ravi) Pandit ICORE 2005 – International Convention on Renewable Energy and Energy
2005 Shri. S.B. (Ravi) Pandit MOU between AUSTRADE and MCCIA to foster business links between
March 10-14 2005 Shri. S.B. (Ravi) Pandit Pune Expo 2005 dedicated to MCCIA Founder, Shri A. R. Bhat to commemorate his birth centenary
17 May 2005 Shri. S.B. (Ravi) Pandit

Shri A.R. Bhat Centenary Celebration Function -
• A film on the life of Shri A. R. Bhat
• Biography of Shri A.R. Bhat compiled by Shri B.R. Sabade and
• A special issue of Sampada on Shri A. R. Bhat released

12 December 2005 Shri. S.B. (Ravi) Pandit First international flight took off to Dubai and the second one to Singapore on 13th Dec. 2005
4 April 2006 Shri. S.B. (Ravi) Pandit First Governing Board meeting of Janwani
5 May 2006 Shri. S.B. (Ravi) Pandit MCCIA announces the setting up of a fully fledged British Trade Office at ICC Trade Tower, Pune
8 May 2006 Shri. S.B. (Ravi) Pandit Arbitration cell launched at MCCIA
2006 Shri. S.B. (Ravi) Pandit New Manufacturing Capacities in Pune since 2001 – Trends and Analysis using IEM application data
24 June 2006 Shri. S.B. (Ravi) Pandit MCCIA migrates to new world class premises
2006-2007 Shri. Madhur Bajaj

Patronages of Halls at MCCIA Trade Tower, ICC complex received
• Sumant Mulgaonkar Auditorium –Rs 1 Crore – Tata Motors
• Finolex Board Room -Rs 50 Lac – Finolex group
• ShekharNatu Training Hall – Rs 15 Lac – Deccan Mechanical and Chemical Industries

10 May 2007 Shri. Madhur Bajaj Formation of MCCIA Animation and Gaming Committee
18 June 2007 Shri. Madhur Bajaj Pune Inc. – A special service to members – e newsletter
February 2008 Shri. Madhur Bajaj Study in IPR awareness in Pune Engineering Industry
2008-2009 Shri. Mukesh Malhotra IPR help desk made operational on every 1stand 3rdSaturday at Bhosari
3 October 2008 Shri. Mukesh Malhotra Launching of Platinum Jubilee Celebrations at 74thAGM
October 2008 Shri. Mukesh Malhotra Fruits and Vegetables Processing cluster in Pune: Study and Directory of Business Development Service Providers
1-4 October 2009 Shri. Mukesh Malhotra MCCIA delegation to Sri Lanka
2008-2009 Shri. Mukesh Malhotra MCCIA and NAFARI sign MOUs with important organizations in Italy
Foreign Trade Centre of Veneto, Italy and Veneto Agricultural
November 2009 Shri. Mukesh Malhotra Pune Unplugged
2009 Shri. Mukesh Malhotra International Exhibition Centre at Moshi gets approval from Government of
July 2010 Shri. Mukesh Malhotra Launched two Lean Manufacturing clusters
  • Auto component manufacturers cluster
  • White Goods component manufacturers cluster
16-17 Feb. 2010 Shri. Mukesh Malhotra Kaizen Institute (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. and MCCIA organize INDIZEN 2010 –
First National Convention on Operational Excellence
24 March 2010 Shri. Mukesh Malhotra Visit of His Royal Highness Prince Philippe, Prince of Belgium
2010 Shri. Mukesh Malhotra MCCIA received recognition at the Fourth CACCI Local Chamber Awards, Colombo
2010 Shri. Mukesh Malhotra MOU – MCCIA and AWEX, the official Trade and Investment Agency of the Wallonia Regional Government, Belgium sign an agreement
1-10 Oct. 2010 Shri. Mukesh Malhotra Pune Unplugged 2
2010 Shri. Mukesh Malhotra MCCIA signs MOU with Consu General of Netherlands
25-26 March 2011 Dr. Abhay Firodia INDIASOFT 2011 - MOU between MCCIA and ESC
9 Sept. 2012 Dr. Abhay Firodia Inauguration of MCCIA –Navalmal Firodia Centre for Excellence, Bhosari
2012 Shri. S.K. Jain Facets of Food Processing Industries: An Empirical Study of Pune Region
12-13 March 2013 Shri. S.K. Jain Skillcon India 2013: Creating Industry-ready Workforce through Effective

Fun Fact One

One of the conditions, which Prof. W.G. Kale had made binding on all the founders of the Chamber was that, they would not accept the Executive President's post, unless they were able to get a minimum of 20 members, who agreed to pay an annual subscription of Rs 25/- for 5 years. Executive Committee President, Dhondumama Sathe, first Vice President, Shri N.G. Pawar, Shri R.N. Abhyankar, Shri S.M. Joshi, first Treasurer, Shri D.G. Bapat, Shri D.D. Chitale were among the first 20 members of Mahratta Chamber.

Fun Fact Two

The trio of stalwarts, Shri G.D. Apte, Shri D.V. Potdar and Shri A.R. Bhat were the dynamos at Mahratta Chamber in the first 25 years. Eminent economist, Prof. D.G. Gadgil was also actively involved in the Chamber's activities. Towering personalities of the era, like Shri N.C. Kelkar and Shri J.S. Karandikar were also associated with Mahratta Chamber.

Fun Fact Three

For the first 12 years, the Chamber's secretariat / office operated in the premises of the 'Kesari' newspaper. Thereafter the office shifted to the New Kitab Mahal building on Laxmi Road, which belonged to Shri G.D. Apte. On 15t h August, 1947, the day India gained Independence, Mahratta Chamber shifted to its own office building on Tilak Road.

Fun Fact Four

Mahratta Chamber's Annual Membership Fees in 1947

Individuals Rs 12/-
Shops, establishments and group organizations Rs 18/-
Limited Companies with Annual Turnover below Rs 15 lakhs Rs 25/-
Limited Companies with Annual Turnover above Rs 15 lakhs Rs 100/-
For companies with higher turnover Rs 5/- per lakh

Fun Fact Five

Since 1947, Mahratta Chamber had been actively lobbying for the commissioning of the Koyna dam and hydro-electric power project to enhance power generation across Maharashtra. Finally, work on the project commenced on 16th January 1954 with a ceremonial launch by erstwhile Chief Minister of Mumbai state, Shri Morarji Desai.

Fun Fact Six

In 1977-78, Mahratta Chamber started an audio-visual wing, which offered high quality studio recording facilities to members. The studio has witnessed recordings by some of the most well-known artistes, singers, musicians, actors and composers. India's nightingale Lata Mangeshkar also paid a visit to MCCIA's studio.

Mr. Rahul Bajaj (1980-1982)

MCCIA has been doing good work. Even influential political leaders like Mr. Sharad Pawar have helped Mahratta Chamber, not to help the chamber or its members but to support the kind of work it is doing since that in turn will help the people of Pune. Pune has grown industrially and now it's an industrial city and also an education city. Just look at the kind of educational institutes Pune has, schools, colleges, University, the number of hospitals we have, which is huge! There has been tremendous development whether its infrastructure, whether its roads, whether its traffic - these are things that Mahratta Chamber should aim at improving.

Mr. B. R. Malhotra (1984-1986)

MCCIA, right from the beginning, held a very prestigious position. Government authorities were fully convinced about the sincerity of this organization. Whenever they were to come out with the Finance bill, they used to seek our views. The Chamber used to give such balanced views that sometimes we found that the entire list of suggestions which we gave were straightway implemented in the Finance bill. MCCIA has played a very significant and important role in assisting the industry in all its aspects.

Dr. Darius Forbes (1992-1994)

Values are very important in your day to day development. You should not think in terms of only your business activities. You should also think in terms of the community that you are involved with. I feel it's the relationship that you establish in your community which helps you in your business growth as well. I don't think I have ever seen a single year when MCCIA hasn't made progress. If you know the process then offer by way of a suggestion, recommendation, how they can improve further and what they can do and how MCCIA can help them to make sure that, that process does improve. We took advantage of that and that benefit is what stands us in good stead there.

Mr. P. P. Chhabria (1994-1996)

After Mumbai, this chamber is very famous in the whole of Maharashtra. Today we are in a very beautiful area and surrounding areas have also had excellent industrial development. We have gone up to Chakan and even further ahead. We have gone to Kharadi, we have gone beyond. The future I think is great. 80 years is very good and that means MCCIA is a strong and very valuable chamber. This chamber should continue to support the growth of various areas of Maharashtra.

Mr. Pratap Pawar (1998-2000)

The team members, the Executive committee members, the committee chairman, take very serious interest in the activities of the Chamber. They give their time, they give their energy, they give their expertise! I think this is an example which inspires other chambers of commerce in Maharashtra or elsewhere. The instinct of this city of social reformers means you don't look after yourself alone, you think of other areas too. So this is an attitude of the MCCIA, which I would say is a Pune attitude. I am very proud and I am very happy that the culture and traditions if continued, will lead to better quality and bigger competition.

Mr. Arun Firodia (2000-2002)

I was really proud to be associated with Mahratta Chamber. It is one of the premier chambers in India and has really made a difference in the growth of industries here. For example, the Software Technology Park was incubated in this Chamber; Bank of Maharashtra, which is one of the top nationalized banks, was promoted by this Chamber; Pune Stock Exchange was promoted by this Chamber; International Convention Centre was promoted by MCCIA. So many other institutions like Food Testing Laboratories, Electronics Testing Laboratories all these were promoted by this Chamber. It is the only chamber which has made agriculture one of its focus areas, especially food processing. MCCIA has made a big contribution in the life of Pune industry.

Mr. Atul Kirloskar (2002-2004)

If members take a keen interest in the Chamber, work for the Chamber, then MCCIA is capable of doing an unlimited number of things. Mumbai being the state capital, the state government will look at the city. Pune has to look at itself and therefore, in MCCIA we focused on what to do in and for Pune itself. So when the member knows what the Chamber is doing for him, it makes it very simple then to become a part of the Chamber and to work for the Chamber. And if you have a membership which is very active, as we do, then you are able to guide the city administration as well as the government and tell them what is it that constituents want. Moreover one is also able to give suggestions to make that happen, so the Mahratta Chamber is a voice which is listened to with a lot of respect as far as the state government is concerned.

Mr. Ravi Pandit (2004-2006)

Looking at the core vision of making Pune an attractive investment destination and working as a vanguard or as a policy formulator or as an advocacy group for the industry, our values have kind of flowed from that. MCCIA over the years has built a very strong base of credibility. It has built a tremendous base of service and commitment and I believe that comes from our founder director Late Shri. A. R. Bhat, who was the personification of such service or such credibility and those values are very important to us. You won't find the Chamber to be flashy although the current office is exceptionally beautiful. But you will find us coming out with policy recommendations, studies, research reports and a whole bunch of other things, based on service and credibility. To me these are the real values of Mahratta Chamber.

Mr. Madhur Bajaj (2006-2008)

MCCIA has been a very important part of the development of Pune as an industrial and as a social city. I have been privileged to be associated with it for many decades now. It has by far the highest membership compared to any other association or chamber. Secondly, it covers all the topics which are connected with Pune's development comprehensively. Thirdly you have the crème de la crème of Pune's citizens in the Chamber as its members. Therefore it is by far the most effective and premier chamber. What we have normally seen is that when the new leader comes in he tries to dismantle what the previous leader has done and begin his own journey. But MCCIA is characterized by rare camaraderie, ensuring continuity is maintained which is so important. I hope that happens with the government also.

Mr. Mukesh Malhotra (2008-2010)

Any such organization like a Chamber of Commerce is really like a car or a vehicle, ready to go. You have to drive it somehow and it depends on the driver what the car does. Through its 30 odd committees, MCCIA provides something for everyone who is in industry, trade or agriculture. Have a dream, have a vision and make it happen through the auspices of Mahratta Chamber. The secretariat, headed by an excellent Director General, is so well trained and so well motivated that any good idea will not be set aside. It will be given impetus; it will be given support; it will be made to happen. We have one of the most beautiful buildings compared with any other Chamber of Commerce in the whole country and I wish our members and the Chamber all success. I am sure Mahratta Chamber will be going strong even in its 180th year.

Dr. Abhay Firodia (2010-2012)

Shri A. R. Bhat was a fiery patriot, a man of vision. The supporters of Mahratta Chamber in the 60s, 70s and 80s were all towering individuals who were social reformers. Therefore MCCIA is a body, which is populated by people, who, at the core, are social developers. The industry in Pune is not just making money; it has made people, it has furthered education and supported educational institutions, it has supported technology, it has created import substitution, it has created first class industry. New industrial sectors like information technology are also integrated into this. So, entrepreneurship as a vehicle for social development is what motivates Mahratta Chamber.

President Name Year
Shri Pramod Chaudhari 2016 - 2018
Shri Satish Magar 2014 - 2016
Shri Surendrakumar Jain 2012 - 2014
Dr. Abhay Firodia 2010 - 2012
Shri Mukesh Malhotra 2008 - 2010
Shri Madhur Bajaj 2006 - 2008
Shri S. B. (Ravi) Pandit 2004 - 2006
Shri Atul Kirloskar 2002 - 2004
Shri Arun Firodia 2000 - 2002
Shri Pratap Pawar 1998 - 2000
Late Dr. R. J. Rathi 1996 - 1998
Shri P. P. Chhabria 1994 - 1996
Shri Darius Forbes 1992 - 1994
Late Dr. N. A. Kalyani 1990 - 1992
Late Shri H. K. Firodia 1988 - 1990
Late Shri L. J. Rathi 1986 - 1988
Shri B. R. Malhotra 1984 - 1986
Shri Nandlal Pittie 1982 - 1984
Shri Rahulkumar Bajaj 1980 - 1982
Late Shri C. S. Kirloskar 1978 - 1980
Late Shri S. P. Khosla 1977 - 1978
Late Shri R. D. Pusalkar 1975 - 1977
Late Shri C. V. Jog 1973 - 1975
Late Shri V. N. Somvanshi 1972 - 1973
Late Shri M.S. alias Baburaoji Parkhe 1969 - 1972
Late Shri S. L. Kirloskar 1958 - 1969
Late Shri S.R.Thakur Savadekar 1957 - 1958
Late Sheth P. K. Divekar 1956 - 1957
Late Vaidya M. V. Puranik 1955 - 1956
Late Shri R. G. Vijaykar 1954 - 1955
Late Sheth G. L. Natu 1951 - 1954
Late Shri G. G. Dandekar 1950 - 1951
Late Shri S. V. Kirloskar 1946 - 1950
Late Shri S. P. Ogale 1944 - 1946
Late Shri N. G. Pawar 1943 - 1944
Late Shri G. S. Marathe 1941 - 1943
Late Prof. V. G. Kale 1936 - 1941
Late Shri B. C. Kamat 1934 - 1936


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Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar
Principal Director

Symbiosis Society

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Air Marshal Bhushan Gokhale

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Director General


Mr. Prashant Girbane
Director General, MCCIA

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Mr. Sudhanwa Kopardekar
Director MCCIA

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Mr. Prashant Jogalekar
Director MCCIA

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Mr. Prasad Shukla
Director MCCIA

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Ms. Manjari Desai
Director MCCIA

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Mr. Parag Kulkarni
Director MCCIA

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Associate Director

Mr. Satish Joshi
Associate Director MCCIA

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Associate Director

Ms. Geeta Hosmane
Associate Director MCCIA

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Associate Director

Mr. Chintamani Shotri
Associate Director MCCIA

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Associate Director

Mr. Shrikrishna Gadgil
Associate Director MCCIA

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  • All India Organisation of Employers, New Delhi (AIOE)
  • Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India, New Delhi (ASSOCHAM)
  • Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India, New Delhi (ACMA)
  • Employers Federation of India, Mumbai (EFI)
  • Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)
  • Indian Council of Arbitration, New Delhi (ICA)
  • Indian Merchant Chamber, Mumbai (IMC)
  • Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, Mumbai (IGCG)
  • International Chamber of Commerce India, New Delhi (ICC)
  • M. Visvesvaraya Industrial Research and Development Centre, Mumbai (MVIRDC)
  • National Safety Council, Mumbai (NSC)

505, A-Wing, MCCIA Trade Tower, ICC Complex,
403, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune-411 016 INDIA.

Tel:+91 020 2570 9000

Fax No.:+91 020 2570 9021

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