Terms And Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for booking a hall :

A. Hall Booking, Charges and Refunds

  • The booking will be treated as confirmed only after receipt of full payment against the Hall Charges and the Security Deposit. In absence of the same, the booking will remain tentative and the hall(s) could be allotted to others without any notice or intimation.
  • The Hall Charges will be 25% EXTRA on all Saturdays and Sundays & MCCIA Holidays.
  • No refund against the GST or any other government taxes will be made once the amount is deposited with the Government.
  • Charges towards extra usage and/or damages to the equipments/facilities will be deducted from the security deposit. The uncovered amount, if any, will have to be paid by the booking party immediately after the end of the program.
  • Refund of Security Deposit/excess payment/cancellation/any other will be given within 3 weeks from the date of the event after deducting the applicable amount, if any. The cheque towards the refund will be drawn in favour of the Customer (name appearing in the Hall Booking Form).
  • The Hall capacity indicates number of chairs provided in the hall. No additional chairs will be provided.
  • MCCIA will not provide office boys to carry out the mundane work during the hall usage; organizer should make arrangements for the same.
  • MCCIA will only recommend the name of the caterer but will not be responsible for the action on part of the caterers or his product or services.
  • Cooking of food, Lighting of Lamp is prohibited in the premises of the chamber.
  • Sticking of posters, banners in the MCCIA premise (halls, walls, glass doors etc.)is not allowed.
  • Advance paid will be refunded as per the prevailing cancellation policy.
  • Any postponement in the booking will be considered as cancelled.

B. Hall Utilization :

  • The hall has to be utilized for the purpose mentioned in the Hall Booking Form.
  • Hall will not be given for entertainment programs like clutural programmes, family functions / get-togethers etc.
  • Please handle the equipments/facilities provided in the hall or within the premises carefully. In case of any problem in the functioning please seek assistance from the hall attendant. Please do not try to rectify the problem on your own.
  • Following things are NOT permitted in MCCIA premises – Alcoholic drinks, , Flame & Fire, Cooking, Washing of utensils, Sound Pollution, Fixing of banners / posters / handbills etc.
  • Food and Beverages should not to be served in the Hall /Auditorium. The area allotted outside the Halls / Auditorium should be used for the purpose.
  • Please instruct the catering agency hired by you to take out wastes and leftover food out of MCCIA premises and maintain cleanliness.

C. Hall Possession and Timings

  • The halls are available between 8.00 am to 10.00 pm. For evening programs, maximum time limit permitted (including dinner) is 10 pm and no extension beyond this time limit will be allowed.
  • The hall will be made available only 30 minutes before the booking time and should be vacated within 10 minutes from the end time of the booking.
  • Before taking possession of the hall, please ensure that the arrangements are in good condition. Please fill up ‘Hall Possession cum Feedback Form’ while occupying and vacating the hall.
  • MCCIA shall not be responsible or liable, in any manner, for any theft, loss, damage or destruction the property of the organizer or participants or for any physical injury to any person in MCCIA premises.
  • You will be asked to vacate the hall and premises in case of observance of any misbehavior or violation of terms & conditions by the organizers or participants.

D. Parking & Security

  • Vehicle parking is strictly based on availability. At S B Road office where the parking is managed by an independent agency, the parking is on Payment basis.
  • Kindly instruct the participants to your program to carry their photo identity (driving license/company I card/any other) and the program circular (if any) as the same might be asked for by the security personnel at the building entry point or at MCCIA premises entry point.

E. Feedback

MCCIA thank you for the utilizing the hall(s). Please fill up Hall Feedback form and provide your candid feedback / suggestions to facilitate improvements in our services.

NOTE: MCCIA reserves the right to cancel the bookings in case of exigency and/or to make necessary changes in the terms & conditions from time to time.

Cancellation request made by the customer from the date for which facility is booked % Cancellation Charges to be levied
30 days before the date for which hall is booked
16 days to 29 days before the date for which hall is booked
10 %
11 days to 15 days before the date for which hall is booked
35 %
1 days to 10 days before the date for which hall is booked
100 %

I. The cancellation request day will be the next working day if the request made is on MCCIA holiday or after working hours of MCCIA. For e.g. Cancellation is received by mail at 2000 hrs on Friday evening, and MCCIA has holiday on Saturday & Sunday, the date of cancellation will be considered as the date of Monday.

II. Any postponement request / request for change of date for a hall booked by the customer will be considered as cancellation of booked hall for which above policy will be applicable.

III. For any change of hall request made by the customer for the same date, subject to availability, 25% of the earlier booked hall charges will be levied on the customer in addition to the charges of the new hall booking.

IV. If the hall booking is cancelled by MCCIA due to unforeseen reasons, 100 % hall booking amount will be refunded to the customer.

V. Further in addition to the refund of hall charges as per the rates mentioned above, the Security Deposit & Applicable Tax (in case it has not been paid by the Chamber to the Government till the date of cancellation) will be refunded.


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