Business Opportunities in Bamboo Cultivation And Processing for Value Added Products [The registration is closed for this event]

Organised By: Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture


Venue:A.R. Bhat Conference Hall, Bhat Bhawan, MCCIA, Tilak Road, Near Swargate, Pune-2   Date:May 23, 2017    Time:03:00:PM - 5:00:PM

Contact Person: Mr. Yashodhan Jatar, Phone: 91-20-24440371 , Email:

Bamboo: India has been using Bamboo since oriental times; the classic example is the `Flute’, musical instrument used by Lord Shrikrishna. Even today, there are several Bamboo Products used all over the World. Bamboo crop is the fastest growing long living grass having properties similar to tree wood. In the global warming scenario, Bamboo is the best crop to protect forests and soil erosion and also an alternative to wood. In India, there are 136 varieties of Bamboo, out of which 11 varieties have commercial cultivation and processing importance. The selection of Bamboo variety for cultivation depends upon the use and end product required. Commercial cultivation of Bamboo gives good returns. Bamboo can be cultivated on Agricultural farm land, boundaries of industrial plot, hilly slope, open fallow land and so on. It is also used for greenery, shade, landscaping and beautification purposes.

Bamboo has more than 1500 by-products. There are several Industrial uses of the bamboo plant such as building roads, bridges, scaffoldings, houses & schools, plywood, roofing fencing, furniture like crafted beds, chairs & tables, rugs, toys, handicraft articles, musical instruments, clothes etc. Bamboo is widely used in Agriculture for crop support, shednets, houses, compound walls, constructing low cost polyhouses and farm sheds etc. It is also used for Food & Medicinal purposes. Since Bamboo shoots have high protein with antioxidant content, it is used for Soups, Pickles, Curries and Rice which are already popular in urban / metro cities.

There are a lot of applications of Bamboo in Industry as well as in Agriculture. Considering the good business scope for Bamboo, MCCIA is planning to organize a Seminar on Business Opportunities in Bamboo Cultivation And Processing for Value Added Products’. Medium of instruction will be Marathi.

Topics: Nursery management & cultivation practices, soil type & climate requirements, multiplication & tissue culture propagation, sprouting, important commercial varieties, pest & disease management, harvesting, crop economics, Industrial & Agricultural uses and processing and Bamboo products etc.

Mr. Ajit Thakur is the Bamboo Plantation Expert having 33 years of experience in Bamboo Cultivation. He has his own Bamboo plantations with a nursery having shednets and polyhouses. He studied several Bamboo varieties and travelled all over and developed an elite collection of Bamboo mother plants. He has written a book on “Bamboo Cultivation - A Business Perspective”. He is the visiting faculty to the Forest & Agriculture Depts. for special talks on Bamboo cultivation and processing.