Finance for Sales and Marketing

Finance for Sales and Marketing
Sales people need to understand the basic financial operations in business for several reasons. It will help them make better decisions. It will help them adapt their sales tactics and presentations. It will help them understand the real impact of a deal to both the customer AND the company they work for. Quite simply, it will help them win more deals.

Programme Outline:

  • Understanding “Purpose of Business” and “Life-line of a Business”
  • How to read Profit & Loss Statement?
  • How to improve business performance using Profit & Loss Statement.
  • Understanding the real Business Drivers
  • How to contribute to the EBITDA of the Business?
  • How to read Balance Sheet?
  • Working Capital (WC) Management and its significance for the Purpose of Business
  • How to analyze Financial Statements/Reports?
  • How to evaluate Creditworthiness of a prospective customer using numbers.
  • How efficient WC Management helps improve ROCE (Return on Capital Employed) and OFCF (Operating Free Cash Flow)?
  • How to use Financials for ascertaining soundness of a prospective customer?
  • Understanding Costing for decision making
  • How to carry out Product Costing and Pricing decisions
  • Use of Marginal Costing for Business decision making
  • How to reduce cost without touching it.
  • How to increase profit multiple times when sales is increasing only one time?
  • Who should be responsible in Business for Value Creation?
  • How to make Value Creation happen?


The programme will be conducted in the workshop format. It will be an interactive & participative session, involving exercises, cases studies and sharing of experiences that will help the participants appreciate, understand and apply the tools & techniques of efficient Financial Management in their day to day functions of Sales & Marketing.

Participants will be given a Workbook which will be used by them during the programme. This Workbook will also be a very useful guide-post for the participants in future.

Programme Facilitator:

Pramod Jain, an International Business Trainer, Global Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Author of the Book, “Finance for Value Creation” & “You Are A Born Winner”. Pramod has trained and business-coached thousands of people in more than 50 locations across the globe including Americas, Europe, CIS, Africa and Asia

Pramod has 14 qualifications to his credit including MBA, CA, CS, CMA, LL.B, PGDFA and CFA. He is passionate about work-life balance – not only in practicing it but also in promoting it.



MCCIA members: Rs. 3000/- plus GST

Others: Rs.3500/- plus GST


Registration: Please register to your names on or before 24th April, 2018, 9881098445, 020 25709182

4/25/2018 9:30 AM - 4/25/2018 5:30 PM
Shekhar natur training hall no. 3
505, A, Wing, ICC Trade tower,
Pune, India

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