Behaviour Based Safety to enhance Safety Culture

Behaviour Based Safety to enhance Safety Culture
INTRODUCTION : "Behavioral Safety" is a way of gaining further improvements in safety performance through promoting safe behaviors at all levels in the workplace. It is not a substitute for the important and traditional approach of safe systems of work etc. but rather adds a further dimension to emphasize employee involvement and personal responsibility It is a proactive approach to safety improvement, and provides an early warning to accidents and incidents, allowing the measurement of safe/unsafe behavior in the workplace.

It gives individuals the opportunity to share feedback on safety performance with their peers, encourages involvement in safety, improves self-awareness and heightens risk perception, within a fair and just culture.


Behavioral Safety challenges traditional safety management thinking towards prevention of events. 


TAKEAWAY         :


Upon completion of this course the participant will be able to:

  • Understand what is Incident, Accident, Near-miss
  • Understand the cost of Accident
  • Understand Direct cause of accident and Root cause of Accident
  • Understand what is unsafe Act and unsafe condition
  • What is difference in Operational Safety and Performance Safety
  • Imbibe BBS
  • Understand Common Behavior Based Program Elements
  • Understand Why Behavior Based Programs Can Be Attractive
  • Understand what is Hazard and what is Risk
  • Understand what is error and what is mistake
  • Understand D O I T
  • Role of Ergonomics in BBS
  • Role of Stress in BBS
  • Role of Road Safety in BBS


    CONTENTS          :


  • Hazards and it’s types
  • Risk
  • Unsafe Act and Conditions
  • Accident and Near-miss
  • Reportable and non-reportable accidents
  • Accident Cost
  • Accident prevention
  • Techniques for improving work place safety
  • ZAP Concept
  • Tool ITIS
  • Tool DOIT
  • Role of Industrial Hygiene in Industrial Safety
  • What is Ergonomics
  • Road Safety
  • Stress Management
  • What is BBS as a tool for Accident prevention




This full day workshop will be highly interactive.  The faculty will share experiences with the help of Power Point Presentation. While explaining the topic, specific references and examples from Process Industries will be covered with QUIZ and Relevant VIDEOs.  Major part will be covered in Marathi and Hindi language.




This program is designed for Front Line Managers, EHS Personnel, Production and Operation Personnel, Risk and Safety Personnel, Safety Officers, Supervisors, HR Managers and Workmen working on shop floor.  It is also useful for all responsible citizens of Hotels, Hospitals, Malls, Business, Mercantile, Residential Complex, Educational Inst. etc.


MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION:   Combination of Marathi, Hindi & English


FEES   :



Basic Fee

GST @ 18%


The fee includes course material, food & beverages.

MCCIA members








Group Discount on basic amount @ 5% will be applicable for 4 or more participants from the same organization .


DATE & TIME :   April 18th 2018 , 10:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m


FACULTY   :    Mr. Rajan Vingale


Mr. Rajan Vingale, is M.Sc. (Environment Science) MBA in EHSMS, PGADIS, LA 9001, 14001, 18001, 22000, PGADIS and Diploma in Fire Safety.  He is having over 3 decades of rich experience in Operational EHS, IHS, ISO, Fire Safety, Water and Energy Conservation Management.  Outstanding interpersonal, presentation & training skills with proven ability to interact effectively with technicians and management at all levels.  Extensive experience in the field and in-depth knowledge in chemical handling, storage & its disposal. Expert at inspecting workplace for safety hazards and recommending policies.  Adroit in conducting risk assessment & environmental audit, ensuring statutory requirement compliance & organizing motivational / safety promotional activities




Please register online on or send your nominations alongwith Cheque / Draft / Cash drawn in favour of  MCCIA’  to: 


Ms. Roshni Meisnam, Manager, email:  Tel : 020-26877010




4/18/2018 10:00 AM - 4/18/2018 5:00 PM
Hall 2-3, MCCIA, Hadapsar Branch
Plot 7A/3, Hadapsar Industrial Estate
Near Wanowri Police chowki, Pune 400013 India

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