Workshop on Resource Efficiency, Cleaner Production in MSMEs

Workshop on Resource Efficiency, Cleaner Production in MSMEs
Background CII Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre and World Bank together are promoting the concept of Resource Efficiency Cleaner Production in MSMEs in India. The overall objective of this program is to fill the knowledge gaps and assist in creating an enabling environment for resource efficient cleaner production (RECP) in the micro, small, and medium enterprise (MSME) manufacturing sector in India.

Resource efficient and cleaner production (RECP) involves a three-pronged approach through which strategies are developed and actions are taken, focusing on high production efficiency, low environmental impacts and sustainable human development. RECP focuses on reducing impact both at the input stage (in terms of optimizing raw material use, reducing energy consumption, etc.), and also at the output stage (reducing toxicity from material emissions, be it solid waste, gaseous emissions or waste water effluents, etc.).

In Brief RECP culminates all the concepts of energy efficiency, water conservation, lean manufacturing, mater conservation and waste management under one single concept.



The workshop will have presentation by various experts on various aspects of Resource efficiency cleaner production (RECP) like energy efficiency, water conservation, and material conservation, lean manufacturing, renewable energy, material conservation and waste management.

There will also be presentation on some of the financial aspects of achieving RECP intervention in the MSMEs. The presentation on the financial aspects will be made by financing institutes and ESCOs.


Field Visit to a Factory to demonstrate Walk through Energy Audit and the Conservation Measures implemented is scheduled in the post Lunch session.



The participants for the workshops can learn various concepts and understand various available opportunities in the field of RECP for MSMEs, RECP further would help the participants achieve the following benefits:

  1. RECP can help MSMEs raise the efficiency of the consumption of raw materials, water and energy.
  2. It can help the overall material productivity of the plants.
  3. Reduce the production costs and net costs of products.



The speakers for this event will be some technology suppliers and Financial Institutes and CII Staff.



There is no participation fee but prior registration is essential. Please send your nomination to Mr. S M Gadgil (email - or Mr. Mehul Tatia (email – For more details, please contact Mr. S M Gadgil on (O) 2570 9141 or (M) 98223 15777 or Mr. Mehul Tatia on 9849909666.


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This is an awareness program for public interest.

4/17/2018 10:00 AM - 4/17/2018 6:00 PM
Hall 2-3,
Plot 7A/3, Hadapsar Industrial Estate
Near Wanowrie Police Station,
MCCIA, Hadapsar, Pune India

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