Workshop on Requisites of a Balanced Life

Workshop on  Requisites of a Balanced Life
Background and Overview : “Wisdom comes from experience, but experience is not enough. Experience anticipated and experience revisited is the true source of wisdom - John Grinder – Co-Founder of Neuro Linguistic Programming Life, be it a corporate life or a personal life, is like a bag full of moments. We don’t know how many of those moments we have explored and experienced. We all are born with the same resources but still each one of us is unique and different. Making use of all those moments and resources in an appropriate way helps us in becoming successful and satisfied in corporate life as well as personal life. This NLP workshop will help you to explore and maximise your potential by making ‘the most’ of those moments gifted to you by the universe.

Workshop Contents

  • Sense of Communication
    • Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder
    • Effective Communication – 7 blocks and overcoming those blocks
    • Predicates
  • Understanding and Changing Personal Patterns
    • Change your personal experiences by accepting & surrendering to who you are
    • Story that you tell yourself everyday decides your success or failure
    • Become resourceful by creating a new and inspiring story of who you are


  • Re-invent & Rejuvenate
    • Is it difficult for you to forget past failures?
    • Breaking the vicious cycle of being victims of the victims
    • Enhance the Art of Letting Go
    • Learn the Art of Giving (forgiveness/love/confidence)


  • Sense of Time
    • Are you a person who is always on time?
    • Are you a person who is always late and misses the deadlines?
    • Know and learn how to channelize your sense of time to your advantage


  • Sense of Leadership
    • Journey from getting Inspired to inspire others. The art of Role Modelling
    • Learn to inculcate the character of successful people


  • Sense of Balanced Life
    • Commitment to self by adopting ‘healthy’ habits
    • Inner satisfaction is the real wealth
    • Visualisation & Meditation
  • Powerful Linguistic Patterns



Trainer – Ms. Veenu Shivdasani

Veenu has been in the field of training and coaching since 2004. Veenu is a Certified Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) from National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Psychology and a Certified Coach from Grow More Avenue (ACSTH-ICF).  She has also done Certification course in Applied Mahayana Buddhist Psychology and Ethics.  She has conducted several programs for MCCIA members and all have been very successful in terms of the response and the benefits to the participants.


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GST @ 18%


The fee includes course material, food & beverages.

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Group Discount on basic amount @ 5% will be applicable for 4 or more participants from the same organization and @ 10% for 11 or more participants from the same organization. 



Please send your nominations by email to Mrs. Sandhya Acharya on containing details like name(s) of the participant(s), name and contact details of your organization.  Upon confirmation from our side please send payment by cheque drawn in favour of MCCIA.  Seats are limited and hence confirm your participation as soon as possible.

2/17/2018 10:00 AM - 2/17/2018 5:15 PM
Shekhar natu training hall no. 3
505, A wing, 5th floor
MCCIA trade tower, ICC complex
MCCIA, S B Road, Pune India

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